Testimony at the Al Potter murder trial this week could have been ripped from the script of a crime TV show, as undercover officers recount the sting operation that led to

The Barking Cat, Belmont, Ont.Potter’s arrest. The Barking Cat, a small bar in Belmont, Ontario is where the RCMP set the final steps of their Mr. Big operation in play. It was there that Potter

– just after being released from a two year prison term – met a man he believed had just killed someone. He was introduced to the man by the primary undercover officer who has yet to testify. The man Potter met at the bar was looking for help in disposing of the body of the man who he just killed, and testified today that Potter was eager to help. He described how he led Potter to a nearby corn field where he had staged a dead pig in a hockey bag that he had earlier shaved, slashed and poured blood over. In the moonlight, they open the hockey bag and Potter took a quick look at the pig before loading it into a van. Together, Potter and two undercover officers headed towards a cemetery in London, Ont. where a third officer was posing as a grave digger. The hockey bag was placed in the hole, and the men, at Potter’s suggestion, washed up using bleach to clean their hands and feet. The officers described Potter as being calm and focused on the task at hand. They also said Potter did most of the heavy lifting. The trial is expected to continue in the morning.