Good Monday morning, folks!
The weather across the Province today is certainly not starting out on the best of terms. An area of low pressure is currently pulling away from the Island and heading into the North Atlantic. In it’s wake we’ve got gusty winds, some rain showers or flurries in the east and snow in southeast Labrador. Environment Canada has a few weather alerts still in effect.
To see what alerts are in effect for your area, simply click (or swipe) on the images above!
The weather across the Province will generally improve through the day as the low departs. The winds will calm down and skies will turn partly to mostly cloudy for most. There will be some flurries lingering in southeast Labrador, while onshore flurries kick on across the West Coast this afternoon in onshore winds.

The other big thing you’ll notice today is the drop in temperatures from morning to afternoon. This will be particularly evident for eastern areas of the island, where readings are starting off mildest this morning! Overnight many areas got to near 10° across the Island, but the colder moved in west and central early this morning and is now just starting to make the big push into eastern Newfoundland. Notice the hour by hour temperatures plummeting as we go through your Monday!

Make sure to dress appropriately as you’re heading out the door this morning! Wind chills will be into the minus teens and 20s before we know it!


In closing…
The majority of this week looks much calmer than last! Will there be a White Christmas, is what everyone asks! The forecast is tough, as if often the case, with a low coming in on the pre-Christmas days. Will it be rain or will it be snow, stay tuned to my forecast and I’ll let you know!
Have a great Monday!