Environment Minister Eddie Joyce has ordered an environmental impact statement for a controversial salmon aquaculture project in Placentia Bay.

On July 21, the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador had overturned the province’s decision to release the Grieg Nurseries and Seafarms project from environmental assessment. The court ordered a full environmental impact statement, but the province is still appealing that ruling.

Joyce said the court ruling “has implications that go well beyond the Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture Project. The Court of Appeal will review that decision, and the outcome may have implications for the future interpretation of the Environmental Protection Act.”

But the province is now proceeding with the environmental impact statement as well, Joyce said in a statement.

“Officials of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment have met with Grieg NL Nurseries Ltd. andĀ Grieg NLĀ Seafarms Ltd. to discuss regulatory requirements, the next steps in the environmental assessment process, and their plans for addressing requirements under the environmental assessment process

“The Environmental Impact Statement process will require the proponent to describe in additional detail the proposed undertaking, and then address issues brought forward during the environmental assessment review of the project, explain mitigative options and regulatory oversight, and describe monitoring programs.”