Mental health advocate says system fails too many people

The story of a mental health patient not getting the help he needs is all too common, says the provincial director of the Canadian Mental Health Association. George Skinner says the mental health system needs the tools to intervene at an earlier stage in cases like those of Taylor Mitchell, who was charged after chasing his father with a chainsaw. NTV’s Dave Squires reports.

2 thoughts on “Mental health advocate says system fails too many people

  1. Peter Price..husband to Tracy A.

    You’d think with all the ‘new found wealth’ in Newfoundland..the province could furnish a specialized facility with the right care givers for these sad young folk, to do a more thorough job of what is currently only half assed.
    Right now Newfoundland mental care remains in the dark ages, due to lack of interest in the right quarters and pathetic budget limitations.
    The predicament Taylor and others find themselves in is on the scale of Mt.Cashel…shame on the Province.
    Sort it out now and really try to give them their lives back

  2. LGtown

    Don’t stop fighting for your son mom! Happy to see you taking this as far as it has gone. Very sad story. You cannot fix a mental illness in a jail.

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