Monday, May 13th, RCMP executed a search warrant at a St. John’s residence and seized a large amount of drugs, cash, firearms, and more. Titled ‘Project Blowfish’, the operation came after police seized three kilograms of cocaine destined for that residence. Two individuals were also arrested, 25-year old Tyler Nickerson Butler and 21-year old Shae O’Keefe, both of St. John’s. They have each been charged with six counts of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, one count of Trafficking Cocaine, one count of Illicit Distribution of Cannabis, and three counts of Careless Storage of a Firearm. They have both been released on bail under multiple conditions.

The seized items include:

  • 3kg of cocaine
  • 350g of crystal methamphetamine
  • 300 LSD blotters
  • 28g of ecstasy
  • 120 oxycodone pills
  • 454g of psylocibin (mushrooms)
  • 120g of hashish
  • 15lbs of cannabis
  • hundreds of vials of various steroids
  • $90,600 in cash
  • 7 sets of body armour
  • 6 firearms including three shotguns, a rifle, and two handguns
  • 3 vehicles including a motorcycle, SUV, and a high-end sports car
  • High end jewellery
  • Various items related to the sale and distribution of drugs

The total street value of drugs seized is between $844,000 and $1,035,000.