A 24-year-old man from Bangladesh – sentenced to 14 months in prison on child pornography charges today – says he plans to seek asylum in Canada after he is released from prison.

Sadab Mosaddek says his father is being blackmailed and he faces death if returned to Bangladesh. He comes from a religious Muslim family and wasn’t free to resolve his sexual orientation until he came to Memorial University where he just obtained his Bachelor of Arts. Mosaddek says he went online to find people to talk to about his sexuality; there he shared images of prepubescent boys, either nude or engaged in sexual activities. This drew the attention of the site’s operator, and they contacted officials. Mosaddek was arrested and, today, plead guilty to processing and distributing child pornography. Judge Mike Madden say if it wasn’t for people like Mosaddek who consumed it, there wouldn’t be a market for it, and that makes him part of the problem. The judge rejected Mosaddek’s claim that his homosexuality played a role, saying there is no excuse for the exploitation of children. In addition to the 14 months, Mosaddek will be placed on the Sex Offender Registry for life.