December 11, 2018 ARmed Robbery at Freshwater Road Irving

Four years ago a young man from china came to Canada. To support himself he worked the night shift at a gas station in St. John’s. Last December, he was subjected to a violent hold-up.

Jefferson Qu said it was a quiet night before a customer came in to buy a soft drink.

Amanda Maher
James Glasco

That woman was Amanda Maher. As she was leaving, Qu said she held the door open for a masked man who was armed with a wooden baseball bat. He was not prepared for what happened next. The man smashed the glass in the lottery ticket display case, then raised the bat over his head while he shouted and violently demanded cash and cigarettes. Frightened, he did what he was told. Police quickly identified 34-year-old Amanda Maher as the woman who held the door. While questioning her later the same day they discovered 45-year-old James Glasco in an upstairs bedroom. Glasco has a violent past and has served significant jail time.

It is alleged Maher and Glasco acted together to hold up the Freshwater Road Irving, stealing about $100 in cash and several dozen packages of  cigarettes.


The trial will continue in the morning.