Elections N.L. is extending the deadline to return Special Ballots to Elections Newfoundland and Labrador.

All ballots must be post-marked by Friday, March 12 in order to be counted.

This allows Newfoundlanders and Labradorians three weeks to receive, mark and return their ballots.

Any ballots post-marked after Friday, March 12 will be rejected.


As of the 8 p.m. deadline to apply for a Special Ballot, we have received approximately 110,000 emails, phone calls, faxes, mailed and online applications. Some of these requests, especially those made by phone and email, were from eligible voters requesting mail out ballots for several members of the same household. Therefore, the 110,000 figure does not necessarily mean 110,000 applications. It may be many more than that.

Approximately 24,000 voting kits have been mailed out to date. We ask the electorate to be patient with us as we work hard to get the remaining kits mailed out this week.