Pot smokers are promising a big party at Bannerman Park in St. John’s next year as they celebrate the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

Four twenty (420) is a magic set of numbers for pot smokers.

It’s been used for years to refer to lighting up, celebrated on April 20th.

Every year a small group of smokers gather  at Bannerman Park, waiting for twenty minutes after four. Many like Katie Reynolds was just one of several dozen people who lit up – even while facing the possibility of charges. It’s something that didn’t go unnoticed by businesses looking to cash in on the cash crop.

“I came to show support and to promote my business that provides equipment to grow everything from peppers to marijuana,” said Darrel Tucker, noting his business is set to open inside the Torbay Road May 1.

Homegrown wasn’t the only business marketing their products. A BC-based pharmacy was also looking for customers. With legislation in Canada about to change, many of those who gathered at the park are expecting a huge celebration next year. Richard McMillian says it will be a celebration of freedom. While those in attendance are looking forward to the legalization of the popular herb, many don’t think it will solve all the problems associated with pot. One woman says they’re still going to be bootleggers selling to underage people. Curbing use by kids is the driving force behind pot legalization – and controls, the government maintains, will be part and parcel of legal marijuana.