When Colleen Delaney lost her ‘for sale’ sign in CBS’ Red Sky Estates she joked that it had sailed to Bell Island.

“I had lost two or three signs down there about three years ago,” said Delaney. “It’s really windy, but I was really surprised to see where it ended up.”

Her sign blew past Bell Island, out to sea and 3,000 kilometres east, washing up on a beach in Ballyvaughan, Ireland.

“I got tagged in a post from a man in Ireland on Facebook,” Delaney recalled. “He combs the beach and gets things like fishing nets but this time came across my sign.”

Although her name now has, Delaney has never been to Ireland. Nor has Liam McNamara, the man who found the sign, been to Newfoundland and Labrador. Although that all could change thanks to a little Irish luck.

“It was on his bucket list to come visit Newfoundland,” said Delaney. “I’ve never had the chance to go there, so maybe now is the time.”