Colin Holloway, the Liberal MHA for Terra Nova, has issued another apology after releasing the results of a review Thursday by the Commissioner for Legislative Standards.

The commissioner, Bruce Chaulk, had reviewed a text message exchange between Holloway and St. Brendan’s Mayor Veronica Broomfield. Broomfield had complained of “partisan inditmidation” when Holloway wrote, “Remember, you didn’t vote for me.”

Chaulk is recommending that Holloway be reprimanded.

Holloway issued a statement with an apology on Thursday.

“I am today releasing a report by the Commissioner of Legislative Standards on an incident involving Mayor Veronica Broomfield of St. Brendan’s and myself which dates back to last year,” Holloway said in a statement. “At that time Mayor Broomfield and I engaged in a texting debate over ferry service provision. Despite being carried out using messaging technology the discussion got heated and I chose some words which in hindsight were unfortunate.

“This incident led to the Commissioner of Legislative Standards conducting a review and concluding that on two points associated with our MHA code of conduct I had not met the high standards expected of an MHA. I am releasing my copy of this report today so that it will coincide with my unequivocal apology for what happened.

“My ill-chosen words, in the heat of that debate, led to my apologizing to Mayor Broomfield in January of this year and now, along with my release of this report, I wish to reiterate that apology once again and I do so without reservation.

“Like Mayor Broomfield my single purpose for engaging in public life is to serve the interest of the people I represent. It was never my intent to leave the impression that certain communities or certain constituents are less important than others.

“Colleagues on all sides of the Legislature know full well my commitment to the House of Assembly and the pride I hold for all who take up the challenge of serving there. So, my apology today must also include my colleagues. Like all of my fellow MHAs I am committed to working with integrity on behalf of constituents and setting a positive example in all of my dealings. They can be assured that such an incident will not be repeated.”

The report can be read here: