There was heart-wrenching testimony Friday morning at the trial of Brandon Phillips, the man accused of first-degree murder for the death of 63-year-old Larry Wellman.

For 11 years, Linda McBay lived common-law with Wellman in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. She was with Wellman the night he was fatally shot.

She told the court today how they came to St. John’s to visit family members and look for a house. They went to the Captain’s Quarters because it was quiet, not a lot of people went there. They had a few drinks, some wings and played the video lotto terminals. They decided to have one more drink.

Wellman went to the bar, but McBay noticed something wrong, someone with their arms raised. She said somebody was throwing money.

When she went to Wellman, there was blood running down his face. He picked up a table and threw it. McBay grabbed Wellman’s coat, trying to get him out of the bar. She said the next thing she knew, they were both on the floor.

She was able to get up, but Wellman lay in a pool of blood. He told her he loved her. McBay said it all happened so fast, she didn’t see a gun or the shooting. She tried to get help, running and screaming. She said Wellman was just there, blood everywhere.

The next things she remembers is standing by a police car outside, unsure how she even got there. She regrets that when Wellman told her he loved her she didn’t say anything to him, didn’t hold his hand.

Breaking down in tears, she recounted how at the hospital she was handed Wellman’s ring in a plastic bag, seeing him being wheeled into the operating room, while staff were performing CPR on him.

At this point, several jurors were weeping. She said she was allowed to see him in ICU. That is where she finally got tell Wellman that she loved him. He died shortly after. Lawyers for Brandon Phillip, didn’t ask any questions during cross. Several police officers took the stand this afternoon. The trial will continue Tuesday.