Luggage tags can be very important when you fly. Forgetting to put one on your luggage can cause a lot of trouble if your suitcase is lost – as one drug dealer found out. Chris Baker flew into St. John’s from Vancouver via Montreal in October of 2014 and his luggage came on a later flight.

There were no tags and Air Canada opened one of Baker’s two bags looking for anything to identify its owner. That’s when they discovered it was full of marijuana.

Police were contacted. In the first bag police said there were 32,  one pound vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana, and the second suitcase uncovered another 30 pounds. At the time, a pound of marijuana was selling for up to $3,000 a pound on the street. Sold by the ounce the drugs would fetch over $500,000.

Baker, from St. John’s, pleaded guilty. The facts of the case were these. A carpenter by trade, Baker lost his leg six months prior to being arrested.


It remains unclear if he was bringing the drugs in for himself or someone else, but police said it was enough weed to last a person about 40 years.

The crown said Baker committed a bold crime with so much marijuana brought in on a flight.

Baker was handed a federal sentence of two years plus a day.

He says he looks forward to serving his sentence and getting back to work. He also told the court that due to his mobility issues, he believes the federal facility will be better equipped to handle his needs.