It was a day full of tears in a St. John’s courtroom today as a man was convicted in an accident that killed two people nearly two years ago.

Kyle Follett was the man at the wheel of a van that slammed into an SUV, killing two men. Today, he was found guilty of driving without due care and attention and fined $180.

Follett showed little emotion as the judge delivered both verdict and sentence. Follett was driving a delivery van that rear-ended the small SUV, carrying three men. Two died and the third occupant was severely injured.

The SUV had slowed at the time of the accident because of another accident on the Trans Canada Highway near Butter Pot Provincial Park. The judge said Follett had either fallen asleep or was not paying attention to what was happening in front of him.

Emotional victim impact statements were read today. Family┬ámembers and a survivor provided a voice for the two men killed – their loss, the phone calls that went unanswered that day and the horrific call from the hospital. The wives of the two men describe the last two years as hell on earth. One of the men’s daughters says she will never forget the phone call that tore her life apart.

In his 40 years on the bench, the judge said the pain and suffering expressed today was beyond anything he has experienced before.

Since the horrific accident, the Highway Traffic Act has been strengthened with harsher penalties.