Closing arguments began Saturday morning at the second-degree murder trial of Raymond Stacey.

Defence lawywer Bob Buckingham described the events of Jan. 11, 2015, as 30 seconds of terror for his client. Stacey is accused of stabbing Clifford Comerford to death inside a van that was taking them to work.

Buckingham told jurors they have had four weeks to dissect the 30 seconds of terror that happened inside the van. He contended that Comerford was the aggressor and raised doubts about the forensic work done by police. Buckingham argued that Stacey acted in self defence.

The Crown presented its closing arguments in the afternoon. The prosecution told the jury to look beyond the lifestyle choices of the men involved, saying that Comerford did not deserve to die. The Crown argued that Stacey’s explanation of what happened doesn’t make sense.


NTV’s Bart Fraize is covering the trial and will have more details on the NTV Sunday Evening Newshour.