It didn’t take long for a jury to acquit 28-year-old Max Vivian today, charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm.

It was, in fact, one of the fastest verdicts on record by a jury – less than two hours of deliberations to return a not guilty verdict on sexual assault causing bodily harm.

For three years the allegations hung over Max Vivian.

Then for seven days, seven woman and five men listened to the evidence. The complainant accused Vivian of sexually assaulting her – after she begged him to stop.


Three years ago they had met online. She had come to his home for a sexual rendezvous. Vivian has now been acquitted of those charges.

“We’re very happy, for the first time he gets to sleep in his own bed without worrying about going to jail for something he didn’t do,” explained Vivian’s lawyer Mike King.

The crown’s case hinged on the testimony of a woman who a year before meeting Vivian made a false complaint to police. Her testimony during this trial was riddled with inconsistencies.

“We’re here to find the truth,” said King.

Vivian didn’t speak to reporters as he left the court today, but for the first time he was smiling, breathing a sigh of relief as he left the courthouse a free man.