A 24-year-old man has been sentenced to two years behind bars for dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

It was two and a half years ago when Joshua Steele-Young got behind the wheel and drove too fast for road conditions; 130 km/h on snow covered roads.

In the midst of a heated argument with his then girlfriend and her repeated demands to slow down and let her out of the vehicle he kept driving, losing control of the car, that ended up rolling over several times.

Morgan Pardy, who had taken off her seat belt in an attempt to get away, was thrown from the vehicle. As a result she is now a quadriplegic, and is pleased with today’s sentence.


Pardy says her life as she knew it before the accident has ended. She needs help with every aspect of daily life from using the bathroom to feeding herself. She doesn’t believe Steele-Young was sincere in his apology.

Today’s sentence ended one chapter in Pardy’s life, but she plans to move on. In addition to his two years jail time, Steele-Young has been prohibited from driving for five years from the time of the accident.