Blair Summers has been in custody since his arrest in 2014 for his alleged role in a Chapel Arm pharmacy break and enter.

In the early hours of a January morning in 2014, a safe was stolen from Chapel Arm Pharmacy. An hour later, five individuals, including Summers, were arrested and the safe was recovered.

While on stand Summers testified that he had been purchasing a vehicle in Clarenville that evening but got stuck in a snow storm. Summers told the court that his friends came to pick him up and he noticed the safe but didn’t think anything of it.

The defence also made a Jordan application Friday in Supreme Court. The case has exceeded the 30-month limit with delays from both the Crown and defence.


The judge will make a decision next week on both Summers’ charges and the Jordan ruling.

Summers has been implicated to a number of pharmacy break and enters in the Trinity-Conception area in recent years. Several of those cases are still before the courts.

Most recently, Summers and four others had all charges dropped in an Old Perlican break and enter due to lack of evidence.