There are three days left in voting in the liberal leadership race, but one of the candidates is now raising concerns about problems with the voting system. John Abbott says the party should extend the voting deadline if it can’t fix the problem. Andrew Furey says whatever happens, it’s up to the party.

The Liberal party released the following statement:

“We are pleased to report that after three days of voting, over 15,000 people have already voted in the process of the 34,040 Registered Voters. The issues identified by Mr. Abbott are isolated, expected, and are being addressed as they arise.

“We are aware that some emails bounced when PINs were sent out, which is likely due to either a typo from when voters entered their email address when they registered or a data entry issue on the part of either campaign. We have provided the campaigns a list of those individuals for follow-up via other means. We have a dedicated helpline in place for those who did not receive their PINs — that line was initially very busy as people enthusiastically lined up to make their vote. We have increased the staff compliment as well as enhanced voicemail capabilities such that we can assist anyone who needs help in obtaining their PIN. That process is now working smoothly with plenty of time to vote.


“The timelines have been established in the Rules Governing the 2020 Liberal Leadership Convention As Amended – June 1, 2020. Emails were sent to Registered Voters on July 23, 2020 to July 25, 2020. We are also pleased to report that typical problem areas in the province from a mail perspective, such as Burnt Islands, started to receive their PINs on Monday, July 27, 2020.

“We have full confidence in the integrity of this process. Both campaigns are on a level playing field. We certainly expect some minor issues along the way as we navigate through these unprecedented times – as those issues arise, we are addressing them in a timely fashion.”