An intoxicated driver was caught traveling at more than 80km/h over the speed limit on the Burin Peninsula Highway on Saturday, March 16th. Around 11:00am, Burin Peninsula RCMP received a report of a disturbance between two people who were traveling together from the passenger after they had left the vehicle. The report advised police that threats were made and the driver, who was heading towards Clarenville on Route 210, was intoxicated. The vehicle was found going more than 80km/h over the posted 90km/h speed limit and blew nearly twice the legal limit. The driver, 34-year old Adam Vivian of North West Brook, was arrested for Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Uttering Threats, and Uttering Threats to a Police Officer. He was also ticketed for speeding 51km/h over the speed limit, his vehicle was impounded, and his license was suspended. He has been released with court dates pending.

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