The House of Assembly has approved a bill that will keep government operations going past the end of June.

Bill 2, known as “interim supply”, was approved by the House of Assembly late Monday afternoon. Once Lt. Gov. Judy Foote signs the bill into law, government will be cleared for another $2.1 billion in spending starting July 1.

The government had been under pressure to get a spending bill passed before the end of the month because the first interim supply bill expires June 30 and the main budget bill was not approved before the provincial election.

“It does ensure that our public servants get paid, that the business of government continues should we go beyond the end of June in the budget debate,” Finance Minister Tom Osborne told the House at the end of Monday’s interim supply debate. “It removes the pressure of having to ensure that the budget is completed and voted on and passed by the end of June, so we have plenty of time to debate the budget.”

The Liberal government is currently teetering on the edge of a minority in the House, pending the results of the Labrador West recount. But the interim supply bill passed multiple votes in committee and the House without opposition. All parties have kept to their pledge to co-operate during this sitting of the House.

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