Herald editor apologizes after uproar over anti-gay letter

The managing editor of the Newfoundland Herald is apologizing to the LGBT community after the entertainment magazine published an anti-gay letter to the editor. NTV and the Herald are both owned by Stirling Communications International. NTV’s Heather Gillis reports.

4 thoughts on “Herald editor apologizes after uproar over anti-gay letter

  1. Robbie

    I wholeheartedly agree that the writer Matt Barger is a narrow-minded and hateful soul. I feel saddened that this kind of hate can still exist after so much effort, not only from the LGBTQ community, but all minority groups. Be angry, yes, but focus that anger on the likes of Barber, not the staff of the Herald. The question of freedom of speech seem to loom large here and is something that can’t be diminished. Use this putrid letter to expose such people for what they are. Let the vast majority rise up to show just how ridiculous such thinking really is. The Herald is not to blame for this filth – Matt Barber is. Kudos to the editor for having the courage to stand by her staff, and also for recognizing the hurt that this piece caused. Let’s see a round of letters putting Matt Barber in his place – not the staff who are trying to strike a journalistic balance.

  2. Jonathan Mitchell

    As managing editor you should have realized Matt Barber’s screed was hateful and homophobic, and you should have refused to publish such blatant hate speech. How very un-Canadian of you. I can’t imagine what you were thinking. Perhaps you were not thinking. Were I your boss – you’d already be gone.

    Shame on you and shame on the parent company that keeps you employed at the Herald.


  3. Gigi

    Proverbs 6:16-19 commands that we not lie or bear false witness. Those who do are deemed an abomination. Matt Barber is an abomination.

  4. Danny

    Good start – but far from enough.

    Step 2: A public announcement from the Herald/NTV/OzFM stating that Pam Party-Gent has been fired, effective immediately, for her promotion of hate speech. Her apology is not enough – as an educated staff member, she should have known better than to publish this in the first place.

    Step 3: The Herald’s profits from this issue and their next (which they have been pushing so hard as a must read to hear their reasons for promoting hate speech), must be donated to LGBTQ organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador.

    Step 4: As apology for willingly promoting hate crimes in their province, the Herald/NTV/OzFM managers and staff should be required to undergo training on hate speech, LGBTQ issues, as well as divsersity training more broadly.

    Step 5: If the Herald/NTV/OzFM fail to demonstrate action against hate crimes in this province (rather than just an empty apology in attempt to sell more magazines) , then their media license for the Herald should be removed.

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