Victoria Henneberry

Victoria Henneberry, who was sentenced to life in prison for killing an Inuit student from Happy Valley-Goose Bay seven years ago, has been denied day parole.

Loretta Saunders (submitted)
Crime Scene

Henneberry, who is now 35 years old, and her boyfriend Blake Leggette, were subletting a room in Loretta Saunders’ Halifax apartment when the couple killed the university student.

Saunders was 26 years old and pregnant at the time.

She tried to collect $430 in rent that the couple didn’t have.


Henneberry voiced her remorse at a parole board hearing earlier this month. But in its decision this weekend, the parole board said her remorse was without emotion and possibly self serving.

They said Henneberry needs to take responsibility for what she did and that her actions caused profound emotional harm and has had a long-lasting impact on Saunders’ family.