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52049.   Linda & Scott Hanss of kingston, New York, United States visited us on July 8, 2015.
Just a note to say Newfoundland is my favorite place in the world! Smile when I land and cry when I leave.
There are no friendlier people and more beautiful place.
A piece of heaven.
been visiting since 2000.
God Bless Newfoundland!!
52044.   Andrew Schuhmann of Dartmouth, Ns visited us on June 3, 2015.
This is my first trip back to the rock in 3 years and second in 6 years and whenever I watch NTV it really does solidify being home for me. The worst is when I'm on the ferry back to north sydney and just before we dock, the tv that had NTV on for the whole trip goes off I get a little sad, but I always remember that me and my family will be back again soon, god love and god bless Newfoundland!
52039.   Steph of Corner Brook, NL visited us on May 27, 2015.
Hey. I just wanted to give some positive feedback about the site. I love the layout and how easy it is to navigate around the news articles. However, what ever happened to the written articles?? I think the videos are great, but I suggest you type and post the news articles as well for the readers out there. Other then that, keep up the good work! :)
52036.   ADMIN NTV of St. John's, NL, Canada visited us on May 2, 2015.
Guestbook was down due to
spam attacks, but has been restored, hope you enjoy it.
52033.   Johnd921 of Oakland, VA, USA visited us on April 29, 2015.
I'm extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays.. dcekgddfgfed
52032.   Johnk194 of Oakland, VA, USA visited us on April 29, 2015.
I truly prize your function, Wonderful post. dbcgafkaaccc
52030.   Berk Hayman of Antigonish , NS visited us on April 17, 2015.
Watch your news each evening,the "crew"do a great job.My wife is from Corner Brook,I'm a NL wannabe.
52029.   Offshore Worker of St Johns, NL visited us on April 17, 2015.
The comments made by your weather man I think were uncalled for . As an offshore worker my family has enough worry just dealing with the fact Im out here . Then to have to think about whats going to happen because some guy is telling them to get in contact with any family who may work offshore to make sure they are safe . Sure I agree you need to tell the weather and the offshore weather but to go in great detail and tell them to contact is not apart of the weather . Thanks for causing more stress for my family then was needed
52015.   patrick j walsh of Fermeuse, NL, Canada visited us on April 8, 2015.
The NTV Award Winning Evening Newshour is the most informative news broadcast in the whole of Newfoundland and Labrador. An excellent team of journalists do such an awesome job of bringing the latest news happenings from around the province, the country and indeed the world into our living rooms on a daily basis. The addition of meteorologist Eddie Sheerr to the broadcast was a very wise decision as this gentleman brings to life the weather forecasting of the province and the country like no other. Excellent news, excellent journalism and excellent weather forecasting. Keep up the good work my friends.
52006.   Chobitsm visited us on April 2, 2015.
Very glad to find this infomation, never saw anything li.ke this
51999.   John John of St. John's, NL, Canada visited us on March 26, 2015.
Hey there, love NTV. Wish newfoundland and labrador paranmorman still came on. I like to see amanda mews and danielle butt and heather gillis and tony mary and jody cook on tv on the news. have a great day everyione
51858.   Linda Furlong-Coles of Bay Bull's, St. John's, Newfoundland And Labor, Canada visited us on February 15, 2015.
Thank You So Much For Being Our # 1 Super Station And To Mr. Eddy Sheerrie For Being Our # 1 Meteorologist, Thank All Of You For Your Great Services And Keeping Us Up To Date With What Matters Most. God Bless All Of You And Here's To Many More Years Of Public Service.All The Best Wishes To The Best Super Station And Congratulations On Being # 1. Keep Up The Great Work Everyone.
51767.   Andy Churchill of North Western Ontario, Ontario, Canada visited us on January 11, 2015.
Great station...watch it daily via sat.. Close to 2000 Newfoundlanders reside in this part of Northwestern Ontario in many professions.

May I suggest that " Toni-Marie" consider running for the PC party...She would do well in that capacity.

Again, Thanks for keeping us current with happenings back home in our Beloved Province.

51607.   VERONICA RUTLER of st johns n.l, n.l, canada visited us on December 8, 2014.
I enjoy n.t.v.news,especially the way ,its operated.I like to say Merry Christmas ,and hope you all enjoy this season,from my house to yours.
51545.   Waltersype of Mosta, Malta, Malta visited us on December 1, 2014.

51538.   Samuelkex of Falmouth, Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda visited us on November 30, 2014.

51449.   natalie of st. john's, nl, canada visited us on November 10, 2014.
Why is the music so loud behind Danielle Butt, when she is visiting "Made Right Here" companies in Nfld/Lab.? It is extremely annoying! Your sound man needs to be more aware.

51399.   i2ns0ilo of Falmouth, Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda visited us on November 8, 2014.

51289.   Ronald Parsons of St. John's, NL, Canada visited us on October 18, 2014.
I have been watching the NTV news for a long time now. Please keep up the good work.
51225.   Theresa Joy Haga of Bergen , Norway visited us on October 6, 2014.
From Corner Brook, living in Norway. Listen to Oz FM everyday. Miss home have not been back in 30 years.
51094.   Dave of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada visited us on August 6, 2014.
love NTV & visit often usually watch the live cams. a real treat for me as i am over 2000 miles away.but lately i have been very disapointed because i cannot get the Live Cam from Qudi Vidi . which means i don't get to see any of the St.John's Regatta which i look so forward to every year. so i guess i will have to wait until 2015 when i get home on Vacation to catch it Live.once again i Love your ite & frequently watch NTV TV

51050.   Risevap of Mount Carey, Jamaica, Jamaica visited us on July 1, 2014.
51041.   Justin of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada visited us on June 28, 2014.
There is nothing like home, then the ROCK. I hear so many people saying how much this city is getting bad and what not. This city is the most beautiful place to live in, its not NEWFOUNDLAND its the PEOPLE that are here making the province look bad when its not.
51020.   Navy Au of Winnipeg, Mb, Cda visited us on June 22, 2014.
Great site to keep transplanted Newfoundlanders informed. Thanx NTV!
50966.   Sherry & Reg of Hare Bay bb, newfoundland, Canada visited us on April 29, 2014.
Just saying hello to everyone and thanks for your channel <3
50964.   Ed Fudge of Hampden, Nfld, Canada visited us on April 25, 2014.
Keep this lovely province clean & tidy.
50949.   jerry of uas visited us on April 8, 2014.
I love Newfoundland
50860.   JO ANNE KELLY RUDY of MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA visited us on March 19, 2014.
50815.   Navy of Winnipeg, Mb, Canada visited us on March 2, 2014.
Enjoy your site immensely. Very informative and gives me a taste of my home when I need it.
50812.   Stephanie of Mount pearl visited us on February 28, 2014.
Was watching the evening news hour last night, me and my husband watch it every night, but we noticed that the level of professionalism is dropping, coming up with names for the meteorologist, come on, let Mr. Sheer do his job, he's quite good at it. I personally think the rest of the new team may be a bit jealous of him!
50808.   Darlene Johnson visited us on February 22, 2014.
Enjoy & never miss the NTV news broadcast, keeps me in touch with whats happening down home
50806.   linda cuff of lumsden, nl, canada visited us on February 21, 2014.
first time in this site very inresting things on there some beautiful pictures hope see some of mind sometime have a great day
50803.   Cynthia Stone of Dallas, Texas, USA visited us on February 17, 2014.
I love my memories of St. John's when I was a child in the late 1950's on Flavin St.
I'm happy to have found your news report to help me remember those special years on the rock. THANK YOU !
50766.   nice seo guys of New York, NY, USA visited us on January 17, 2014.
cahLTd Thanks for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...
50754.   Jacky visited us on January 15, 2014.
Keep up the great work! :) jaqueline1993@inbox.com
50752.   Jaqueline visited us on January 14, 2014.
Keep up the great work! jaqueline1993@inbox.com
50738.   edward sharpe of saint john,s, newfoundland, canada visited us on January 8, 2014.
great well informed site
50702.   maureen hodder visited us on December 21, 2013.
Hoping all my Family and friends have a Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR
50680.   Jaqueline visited us on December 9, 2013.
Great site! When you've new information, pls mail to jaqueline1993@inbox.com! Thx in advance...
50597.   corey kavanagh of barrie, ontario, canada visited us on October 21, 2013.
still watch the ntv news every evening
50461.   Grant Hiscock of St. George's, Nnfld & Lab, Canada visited us on August 22, 2013.
Thanks to Mr Furlong for mentioning my Father's name Mr James Hiscock, the first Chairman of the Federation of Municipalities
50404.   Andrew Healy of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada visited us on July 15, 2013.
Where is Justine Perry??? She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen on NTV! Miss seeing her! Let me know when she's back on, and I'll be back to watching NTV.
50370.   elizabeth of brooks, alberta, canada visited us on July 10, 2013.
I watch the NTV news every evening, I was wondering where is Fred hutton...he was hosting the news for so long, hate to see him go.
50183.   N Bailey of Mt. Pearl, NL, CA visited us on June 21, 2013.
Congratulations to all of the NTV News team on the recent changes. Also Good Luck to Fred in his new endeavours, will miss him. But look forward to the same great NEWS reporting from you guys.
50148.   Dezarae S of Alberta visited us on June 8, 2013.
Love it here!!!! Newfoundlanders are some of the greatest people. Definitely coming back.
50029.   Agerexelt of Canada, Canada visited us on May 15, 2013.
I want to wish you good luck and all the best
49620.   MARK KERRIVAN of PLACENTIA, NL, CANADA visited us on April 12, 2013.
49559.   The Newfounder of St. John's, NL visited us on April 5, 2013.
Love Snook!!!!!
49249.   LINDA HANSS of tillson, NY, usa visited us on February 27, 2013.
NFL. ST. JOHNS.......
49160.   PHIL CARPENTER of CLARENVILLE, NL visited us on February 11, 2013.
48974.   John Dunne of Charlottetown, PEI, Canada visited us on December 23, 2012.
Seasons Greetings to all NTV News Staff who deliver our daily fix of news from home. You are our contact with the Homeland. John and Mary (nee: Hickey) Dunne
48906.   JAMIE DOMINIE of SEMINOLE, FL, UNITED STATES visited us on November 11, 2012.
48629.   Tina Reddy of St. John's, NL., Canada visited us on August 21, 2012.
I love watching the NTV Evening News. I enjoy watching the courts segment of the news.
48405.   Brenda Coombs Ranger of Sudbury, ON, Canada visited us on June 27, 2012.
I enjoy seeing pictures on line of NFLD. I am hoping to visit within the next few years.
48319.   Sharon Nichol of NL visited us on June 14, 2012.
love my town
48202.   Ray Saunders of Tors Cove, NL, CA visited us on May 23, 2012.
Just wanted to say; not only is Jodi Cooke a great news anchor, but she is also the sexiest news anchor on any of the NL news programs. I have never meet Jodi, so hope she is good at accepting complements.
And of course, the 6 pm news program is great.

48121.   karenway of nl, canada visited us on May 17, 2012.
want to send greeting to my mom and dad on their anniversary
48021.   Brenda of Sarnia, on visited us on April 22, 2012.
Love watching NTV news every day on Bell, before that on Shaw. Love getting news from home. Where is Carolyn, haven't seen her lately?
47942.   Dan of Toronto, Ontario, Canada visited us on April 10, 2012.
Love the guys at NTV!

Dan at todaystoronto.com
47873.   cull kean of fort nelson, BC, Canada visited us on March 30, 2012.
The ntv news team brings me back home every day,keep up the good work
47840.   Edward Oliver of St. John's, NL, Canada visited us on March 24, 2012.
Love your news at six
47822.   Ron of Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada visited us on March 22, 2012.
I was watching the Family Fued which I do every day and saw an ad about a store getting product everyday. I was wondering how to contact them.
47748.   Priscilla Soper of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada visited us on March 17, 2012.
Love your show.Watch it everynight on satellite.From NL originally but live in Edmonton now.
47747.   Diana Nunnerley of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada visited us on March 16, 2012.
I love watching Y&R on NTV but missed it not on today.....sure hope it is back on on Monday.
47692.   patricia visited us on March 8, 2012.
Toni Marie,,, the skycam for pynn's brook is a little off... showing snow on the roads and its 8 degrees sunny and no precip. in days...
47691.   Vida Porter of Port de Grave, NL, Canada visited us on March 8, 2012.
Love your station, Would like to enter my name in the Family Feud contest
47676.   jenelle of bloomfield, nl visited us on March 6, 2012.
i love the ntv news hour.. i watch it faithfully everyday
47675.   Todd Kent of Labrador City, NL, Canada visited us on March 6, 2012.
Hello, I am inquiring as to whether NTV will have anyone in Labrador City to cover the start of the Cain's Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race. This will be the biggest race since Cain's Quest started in 2006. There are 35 teams from Canada and the US. Hope to see NTV there.
47596.   Lionel Dean of Carbonear, NL, Canada visited us on February 28, 2012.
Watch your News everyday.Also some of the shows that are on through the week.Keep up the good work.
47594.   Susan of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada visited us on February 28, 2012.
thank you for playing Twilight Zone --- enjoying these old shows here in ontario
47587.   Warren Folkes of Moncton, NB, Canada visited us on February 25, 2012.
I am a newfie, born in Grand Falls, but had to relocate to another province due to employment issues. I watch NTV news every evening and return to my home province every opportunity I get.
47584.   Katie Legge of Fort McMurray , AB , Canada visited us on February 24, 2012.
I love to listen to the news everyday. :) Brings me back home for a half an hour!
47575.   jim of witless bay, nl, canada visited us on February 22, 2012.
today on ur evening news the surfers where in witless bay! not bay bulls! i have seen ye do this serval times now
47571.   Karen Ingram of Halifax, NS, Canada visited us on February 22, 2012.
I really like to ;isten to NTV!
47563.   dennis of New York, NY, USA visited us on February 20, 2012.
47549.   Brian Clancy of St. John's, NL, Canada visited us on February 14, 2012.
Great home page, Great site, Great job!!!
47548.   linda cuf of lumsden, nfld, canada visited us on February 14, 2012.
love the news
47542.   Roxanne Clarke of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada visited us on February 13, 2012.
I love Newfoundland :)
47541.   Larry Cosentino of Hamilton, Ont, Canada visited us on February 13, 2012.
Iwatch the feud everyday then your news and i find you guys do a great job.
47513.   Carol Rodgers of St. John's, NL, Canada visited us on February 7, 2012.

You guys do an awesome job.Nobody comes close to you in reporting the news and whatever else is happening.Keep up the excellent work.
47486.   Linda of Markham, Ontario, Canada visited us on February 5, 2012.
Rogers has discontinued offering NTV, good reason to change providers. I think it's rediculous, they offer access to networks all over th world but no within their own country. I think people should complain and get an awnser from Rogers as to why they are not providing NTV to their customers.
47459.   June Oake of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada visited us on February 2, 2012.
Watching all the snow falling in Newfoundland. Hope it stops soon so construction on my Newfoundland Retirement Home can resume. I watch NTV daily on Bell Satellite.
47458.   Darrell of Edmonton, Alberta , Canada visited us on February 2, 2012.
Amy Gillam is a sweetheart.
47367.   Tania VanNorman of Webbwood, Ontario, Canada visited us on January 31, 2012.
I use to travel to Newfoundland as a kid to see my grandparents and my fathers family. So beautiful all along the east coast. The people were the kindest, and the scenery was magnificent. God bless These are some of the memories that prepelled me to start my charity. www.stopsexualabuse.org
47365.   honora visited us on January 31, 2012.
Iam here watching the 5:30 news and the top news story is about snow covered roads and 24 minutes in is when you decide to mention the 14 year old labrador boy missing, and it lasted a big ol 10 seconds. i think the ntv news crew focusses only on the island portion i thought it was newfoundland Labrador not newfoundland AND Labrador
47335.   steven patrick of corner brook, nl, canada visited us on January 26, 2012.
in november you ran a story on the salmon festival saying the act for 2012 would be annouced before christmas. was wondering what happened with that
47296.   James Anderson of Novar, Ontario, Canada visited us on January 18, 2012.
My wife and I have to go to your beautiful province.
47278.   GORDON DOWER of BANCROFT, ONT visited us on January 15, 2012.
47273.   STEVEN MCKINNON of TORONTO, on, CANADA visited us on January 15, 2012.
47263.   elaine day of lewisporte, nfld, canada visited us on January 13, 2012.
i watchthe new everyday

47172.   BRIAN MUNTAK of AIRDRIE, ALBERTA, CANADA visited us on December 26, 2011.
I love looking at these web cam shots, beautiful city!! Have been there twice to see my grandkids. Hoping to get back soon, merry xmas and happy new year st. john's
47168.   Terry Wasik of CORNWALL, Ontario , Canada visited us on December 25, 2011.
Season Greetings NTV and Staff.
How goes it there ?
when are you guys going to put NTV on Facebook?
wii wanna see the "ICECAPS" play. go jets go
cheers from Cornwall,ontario Canada
have a nice safe festive season and prosperous HAPPY 2012
47167.   Santa Claus visited us on December 25, 2011.
Merry Xmas to all and to all a GOOD Night! HO, Ho, Ho!
47135.   mia of Van, Bc, Ca visited us on December 19, 2011.
Does anyone remember the singer Mary Lou Collins, she sang a lot on cjon when we were growing up.. anyone know whatever happened to her. did she continuing singing, she had a beautiful voice.and I wondered whatever happened to her.
if anyone knows anything please post it..thanks
and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all
47087.   mernie of scarbrough, on visited us on December 13, 2011.
Wishing all my family in St.John's and Marystown a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
47048.   Adrienne Paul of Grande Prairie , Alberta, Canada visited us on December 10, 2011.
Always nice to be able to keep up on the daily going ons bck home:)
Merry Christmas All
46781.   pat of ridgeville, united states visited us on November 26, 2011.
thank you for the news i have always enjoyed visiting canada
46765.   Ashley Eddison of St. Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada visited us on November 25, 2011.
You have a very nice website!! Thanks for your time!! :) Have a great day!! :)
46724.   Brandon Gray of Shoe Cove, Newfoundland, Canada visited us on November 23, 2011.
Me and my Dad, watch the NTV Evening News Hour every weeknight.

Very good info about the weather:)
46718.   WAYNE Patrick Glen GOOSE of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada visited us on November 23, 2011.
Can you play the song by that eighties group 'The Police' called Every Breath You Take, for Mr. Bond Ryan, of Springdale please? loves ya!

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