From green-tinted drinks to plates of traditional Irish breakfasts, people in St. John’s are honouring St. Patrick’s day.

Many argue Newfoundland and Labrador is the best place to celebrate the Irish holiday.

“I’ve celebrated St. Paddy’s day in Ireland, but actually I still prefer it here because it’s a little less chaotic but still really fun,” says Candice Walsh.

Candice Walsh prefers celebrating in St.John’s.

Like many people, she has been celebrating since early in the morning, starting with an Irish breakfast at Green Sleeves.




Here are five things that link Newfoundland to Ireland:

  1. Irish Catholic History – The Irish migrations to Newfoundland played a big role in building and shaping Newfoundland communities. In 1836, a government census revealed more than 400 Irish settlers.
  2. We’re practically neighbours – Cape Spear is the closest place to Ireland in all of Norther America (it’s the most eastern point in the province).
  3. Our culture and language – From roaring ballads to names like Power and Walsh you can find similarities in most communities.
    Heather Aiison, Newfoundlander, is wearing her Irish-Grandmother’s brooch and jacket. Her family is from Northern Ireland.

    Tonight on the NTV Evening Newshour, Leila Beaudoin will talk to people about why they think St. John’s is Canada’s most Irish city.