The Department of Finance has published a breakdown of the $65.9 million in savings it found in Budget 2017 through zero-based budgeting.

The zero-based budgeting summary was posted on the department’s website at on Thursday. The opposition parties had been demanding more details on spending cuts before the House of Assembly closed for its Easter recess on Tuesday. Finance Minister Cathy Bennett had initially told them they would find out through the estimates committees.

Zero-based budgeting is a process whereby government departments rebuild their budgets from zero every year, rather than roll over their budgets from the previous year.

The government also released a table to the media showing the rise and fall of core public service job numbers since 2007. About 1,400 jobs have been cut from the core public service since it peaked at 9,121 in 2012. Employment now stands 7,740.

The government says the broader public service of agencies, boards and commissions had about 37,000 employees as of 2015. The province is still seeking more savings from many of those entities.