Gasoline prices fell by almost nine cents a litre for most areas of the province overnight as the Public Utilities Board intervened because of market developments.

Effective 12:01 a.m.

  • gasoline motor fuel decreased by up to 8.9 cents per litre (“cpl”);
  • diesel motor fuel decreased by up to 7.5 cpl;
  • furnace oil heating fuel decreased by 6.46 cpl;
  • stove oil heating fuel on the Island decreased by 6.46 cpl; and,
  • stove oil heating fuel in Zones 13 and 13a decreased by 5.80 cpl.

These maximum prices reflect the change in the average benchmark price of the products since the Board last adjusted maximum prices. More information about how maximum prices are set, including a full breakdown by pricing zone, can be found on the Board’s website at the following link: