Former premier Paul Davis began his testimony at the Barry Inquiry on Friday.

It was Davis’ former press secretary, Donna Ivey, who first alerted Cst. Joe Smyth to tweets by Don Dunphy directed at the premier’s Twitter account. Smyth went to Dunphy’s house to do a threat assessment on April 5, 2015. Smyth testified that Dunphy pointed a rifle at him, so he shot Dunphy four times and killed him.

The inquiry has been looking into the structure and mandate of the Protective Services Unit, which is assigned to protect the premier and other dignitaries. It has questioned members of Davis’ staff on their connection to events before and after the shooting.

Davis is also a retired police officer who was the RNC’s media relations officer and an executive member of the RNC Association. He still sits in the House of Assembly as leader of the official opposition.