Fishermen hook seven foot shark in New MelbourneTwo fisherman caught more than what they bargained for after heading out cod jigging early Saturday morning on Trinity Bay.

Jim Mansfield and Glenn Rideout were taking part in the recreational food fishery when their line hooked a seven-foot-long shark. The men worked long and hard to free it. They told NTV News the shark put up quite a struggle and was very aggressive.

The shark was caught just off New Melbourne, a community on the Trinity Bay side of the Northeast Avalon. It was snagged at around 7:30 a.m.

Mansfield said he first thought it was a blue shark but noticed when they were working to free it that there was a tracking device on its fin. A scientist at Memorial University was contacted by NTV and he sent the photos to another specialist studying the migratory patterns of blue and white sharks. Dr. Fred Whoriskey believes it to be a Porbeagle, a close relative of the white shark and commonly found in east coast waters.