In order to move forward with their second application for certification, Fish-NL is asking members who sign up to begin paying dues of $24 per month or $300 per year. The Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters have announced their plans to move forward but to do so will be costly and Fish-NL will need at least 500 people to start paying dues. Previously, Fish-NL had relied on donations and GoFundMe campaigns to raise cash. On Sept. 28, after 21 months, the Labour Relations Board dismissed Fish-NL’s application for certification. Fish-NL disagrees with that decision and founder Ryan Cleary says he was shocked, noting Fish-NL is not giving up. Richard Gillett says even without certification Fish- NL have had an impact on the industry, and warns inshore fishers what may happen if Fish-NL is no more. Cleary says without members paying dues it will be the end of Fish-NL, He says they need 500 paying members by the end of the month, or it could mean the end of Fish-NL.