When the jury is sequestered tomorrow to deliberate on their verdict in the Mark Rumboldt trial, they will have to consider if it was Rumboldt or the wife who poisoned the other.

Crown prosecutor Scott Hurley says this is not a straight-forward case. The victim, he says, doesn’t know exactly what happened and there was no clear motive to kill his wife. Her own testimony showed the two planning a romantic evening and a weekend trip to their summer home.
Rumboldt ‘s lawyer, Jeff Brace agreed Rumboldt didn’t have a motive but says his wife had a motive to kill him – and possibly herself. Rumboldt’s wife was upset over his contact with other women. Brace says the victim is not credible and it was she who poisoned Rumboldt – and herself. It was his wife who called 9-1-1 saying that her husband had overdosed. She even told the 9-1-1 operator that Rumboldt had taken Atavan and Brace says the only way she would know this was if she gave them to him.
Rumboldt’s wife also stressed that he didn’t give her any drugs, wouldn’t hurt her and she was not afraid of him. The Crown says their case hinges in what was in the glasses – if there were drugs in his wife’s glass it would make their case; on the other hand if there were drugs in Rumboldt’s glass the matter may never had gone to trial. Unfortunately, police never tested the glasses.

The jury has been sent home for the night and judge David Hurley will give his final instructions in the morning. The jury will then retire to deliberate on a verdict.