The FFAW issued a release Tuesday saying that blockades had been removed from South Brook and Clarenvillle in response to a court injunction obtained by OCI.

OCI confirmed that two of its trucks are now on the way to the plant in Triton, but the company said it had been informed by some of its plant workers that harvesters were blocking the road entering the plant. OCI later announced that the trucks had successfully offloaded their cargo.

The blockades were set up late Sunday night after fish harvesters learned that snow crab from outside the province would be landed by vessels in Port aux Basques and trucked in via ferry for processing at facilities on the island.

In a news release the FFAW says the Association of Seafood Producers, which represents fish processing companies in the province, submitted an offer of $0.01 cent per pound for snow crab this season after refusing to engage in price negotiations with FFAW for the past month.

The ASP replied that $0.01 is a standard opening offer that it makes every year to begin negotiations.

The province’s Standing Fish Price Setting Panel will convene on Wednesday to hear from both sides on a proposed price for the 2020 fishing season.

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