Chief Electoral Officer Bruce Chaulk says there will be no extension to the deadline to apply for special ballots after complaints on social media from people who were unable to get through by phone or online Friday night. Chaulk says Elections NL is moving on to mailing out special ballot kits, with the deadline for votes to be returned now extended to March 12. NTV’s Ben Cleary reports.

Chaulk released the following statement Sunday afternoon:

“We are receiving feedback that electors are beginning to receive their voting kits in the mail.

“Special Ballot applications are being processed as quickly as possible and it is anticipated that voting kits will continue to be mailed this week and into next week.


“I would like to assure all Special Ballot applicants that every request for a Special Ballot received by Elections NL will be processed and voting kits will be issued.

“Additionally, our call centre is fielding many questions on whether an application was received or not. For clarity, Elections NL does not contact electors to confirm receipt of their Special Ballot applications. The only reason for Elections NL to contact an applicant at this point would be to request more information on an application, such as confirming a mailing address or name change.

“We will begin the process of counting the Special Ballots the week of March 1. That process will continue into the week of March 15 (which is the week following the deadline to mail the voting kits back to Elections NL).

“As stated previously, all voting kits postmarked on or before Friday, March 12 will be counted.”