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Newfoundland: Partly to mostly cloudy skies Island-wide, with a slight chance of showers. The higher elevations of the West Coast likely see some flurries and/or some graupel. Lows 4 to 7. Winds west to northwest at 20-40 km/h.

Labrador: Mainly cloudy. Showers likely on the coast, with flurries and/or graupel in the higher elevations. Scattered flurries likely in the west. Lows -2 (west) to 4 (coast). Winds north to northwest at 20-40 km/h. Light snow accumulation possible in the west.


Newfoundland: Partly cloudy skies in the morning turn mostly cloudy during the afternoon. Some upper level energy rotating across the Island will spark off widespread showers during the afternoon. Higher elevation along the West Coast will see flurries and/or graupel mixed in with the rain showers. Highs 6 to 9. Winds from north to northwest at 20-40 km/h.

Labrador: Mainly cloudy with scattered showers on the coast and flurries in the west. Highs 2 to 6. The lower range of that will be found in the west. Winds from the northwest at 20-40 km/h.


Newfoundland: Mix of sun and cloud. Slight chance of showers in the morning on the Avalon Peninsula. Highs 6 to 8.

Labrador: The coast and Goose Bay area will see a mix of sun and cloud, with high of 5 to 8. Labrador West gets a warmer day, but rain and showers move in during the afternoon. High near 8.


Newfoundland: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers for eastern, central and southern regions. Western regions and the Great Northern Peninsula will cloudy skies, with showers and light rain. Temperatures will be warmer and the air noticeably more humid. Highs 12 to 14.

Labrador: Rain likely in the east and around Goose Bay, with a high near 10. In the west rain will taper to showers in the afternoon. Flurries possible by evening. Cloudy with highs near 7 in the morning, falling to the low single numbers by evening.


Newfoundland: Mix of sun and cloud with highs of 10 to 12.

Labrador: Mostly cloudy with highs of 3 to 5.


Newfoundland: Chance of rain for eastern, central, southern and western regions. Chance of rain and snow for the northern Peninsula. Chance of snow for the Long Range Mountains. Highs 5 to 10, except near 3 on the Northern Peninsula.

Labrador: Mix of sun and cloud, with highs near 2. Chance of snow in the Straits.