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Newfoundland: An area of low pressure will pull away from the northeast coast of the Island overnight. In it’s wake, winds will pick up along the south coast, Burin Peinsula, West Coast, Northern Peninsula, coastal areas of central, the northeast coast and of the Avalon Peninsula. Winds from the northwest at 20-40 km/h with higher gusts for coastal areas, lower wind speeds inland. Scattered showers will also be found for most areas, but will become less numerous by morning. Skies turn partly cloudy by daybreak.

Labrador: In the wake of the low departing to the northeast of Newfoundland, showers will be possible along the coast, with higher elevations seeing flurries and/or graupel mixed in. Scattered flurries likely in the West. The area near Happy Valley-Goose Bay remains dry. Skies remain cloudy in the east, with clear breaks central and west at times. Winds from the northwest at 20-40 km/h.


Newfoundland: A cold front will push across the Island from west to east throughout the day. Temperatures behind the front will be into the middle and upper single numbers, ahead of the front, temperatures will be near 10. The front will pass through the West Coast and Central in the morning to around noon (earlier west) and off the Avalon by late afternoon. Onshore showers will develop along the West Coast during the afternoon. Flurries and/or grauple will be possible in the higher elevations. Scattered showers will be possible elsewhere during the afternoon as well. Partly cloudy skies in the morning turn mostly cloudy during the afternoon. Winds form the northwest and 20-40 km/h.

Labrador: Mostly cloudy with widespread showers and flurries and/or graupel. The frozen variety of precipitation will be limited to the higher elevations of coastal Labrador and Labrador West. Light accumulation possible on grassy and unpaved surfaces. Winds from the northwest at 20-40 km/h.


Newfoundland: An upper level disturbance will move across the Island, sparking off scattered showers (flurries in high elevations) throughout the day. When the showers aren’t on the go, expect a mix of sun and cloud. Highs near 8.

Labrador: Mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers and flurries (west and high elevations). Highs 3 to 6.


Newfoundland: Risk of morning showers on the Avalon, otherwise all areas see a mix of sun and cloud. Highs between 7 to 9.

Labrador: Warmer with a mix of sun and cloud. Risk of showers in the west by late afternoon. Highs 6 to 10, warmest in the west.


Newfoundland: Mix of sun and cloud central and east. South, west and on the Northern Peninsula, expect cloudy skies with light rain and showers. Turning more humid for most as well. Highs 10 to 15.

Labrador: Rain likely. Rain mixed with snow late in the day in the west. Highs 3 to 5.


Newfoundland: Mix of sun and cloud with highs near 10.

Labrador: Mostly cloudy with scattered flurries. Highs 3 to 5.