An area of high pressure will settle in across the Lower North Shore of Quebec tonight, which will bring quiet, clear and cold weather to the majority of the Province. The exception, however, will be through central, northeastern and eastern Newfoundland where clouds and breezy conditions will persist overnight in onshore, northerly winds. I also can’t rule out spotty flurries and/or freezing drizzle in these areas. Patchy fog is also possible, but not as likely.

Temperatures overnight will be into the minus single numbers for the eastern half of Newfoundland. The western half will see lows into the mid minus teens. What separates east and west, you ask? Let’s call it the Bay d’Espoir Highway. Labrador will see lows into the minus teens.


The area of high pressure that will be over the Lower North Shore of Quebec tonight will slide over western Newfoundland on Wednesday. This will bring another nice day to the majority of the Island, except eastern areas. Specifically eastern areas near northern coastlines. These areas will see mainly cloudy skies, and winds from the north in the 30 to 50 km/h range. Central and western areas, and much of Labrador will see sunny skies, or a combination of sun and cloud.

An area of low pressure will approach western Labrador, and will spread snow into the Churchill Falls to Labrador City and Wabush corridor in the late afternoon. Only light snowfall accumulations can be expected by evening.

Temperatures across Labrador will peak in the lower minus single numbers, while the Island will see highs near freezing for most areas. The Avalon, Bonavista and Burin Peninsulas and the South Coast will have highs right near 0.


An area of low pressure well south of the Grand Banks, in the Atlantic, will spread freezing rain and rain across eastern Newfoundland on Thursday. As of now most of what falls looks to be light, but if it’s freezing rain surfaces may get slick. Central and western areas look to stay dry and will actually see some sunshine. Some flurries and light snow will fall across much of central and northern Labrador as well. Skies look to be mainly cloudy across the Big Land.

Temperatures across much of NL will be near freezing. Some colder readings, mid minus single numbers, will be found in Labrador West.


Drizzle and freezing drizzle will be found across eastern Newfoundland on Friday, while central and western areas look to see dry conditions and a mix of sun and cloud. Temperatures will be near freezing for afternoon highs for most… although western areas look to get above by as much as 5°. Most of Labrador will see cloudy skies, with some scattered flurries.Temperatures for most into the minus single numbers. The southern shore of Labrador will get into the positive single numbers.


An area of low pressure will approach Newfoundland from the Maritime Provinces. This will spread rain across the eastern half of the Island, and possibly snow across the western half. At this point, most of what falls looks to be light. Temperatures will be near the freezing mark.

Labrador looks be quiet and dry, but cloudy, with highs a bit below freezing.


A stronger low will pass near eastern or central Newfoundland on Sunday, and may bring rain or snow to much of the Island. It’s still too early to say. Temperatures will be near freezing for most, once more. Coastal Labrador will also stand a chance of seeing some on Sunday. While the West looks to remain dry. Highs for many areas near, or slightly above, freezing.