It’s been four years since Jason Skinner was killed, but on Wednesday the public got to hear the first details surrounding his death.

Pamela Pike has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for Skinner’s death, while¬†Wanda Ash has been found guilty for her role. Both women await final sentencing, but at the trial for Pike on Wednesday the court learned the details of what happened back in April 2013.

Pike and Skinner were using opiods that night, and Skinner had just renewed a prescription for Ritalin. In the early morning hours, Pike called Ash to join them. After she arrived, Skinner left his apartment for more than 30 minutes. While he was gone, the women devised a plan to rob him of the drugs. When he returned, Pike struck him in the head with a glass bottle and the three became involved in a struggle. Pike obtained a large kitchen knife which Skinner had tried unsuccessfully to retrieve from her. That’s when Pike drove the knife into Skinner’s chest, causing his death.

The court heard statements from Skinner’s family on Wednesday, and also heard an apology from Pike. She said there isn’t a day where she doesn’t think of Jason or his family.

In a joint submission, a sentence of seven and a half years has been recommended less time served of 497 days.