The Town of Deer Lake is advising residents on certain streets to prepare to evacuate if water levels rise.

“Weather conditions last weekend have resulted in high – and rising – water levels in the Town of Deer Lake. With this in mind, the town is notifying residents to be prepared to evacuate their properties quickly, if water levels continue to rise,” says a notice on the town’s web site.

“Residents are asked to be packed for evacuation. It is particularly important for those residents who are on medication or reliant on other medical devices to ensure these items are packed.”

The following streets are subject to the evacuation notice:

  • Pinetree Drive
  • Riverside Drive
  • Oakes Road
  • Reginald Drive
  • Tower Road
  • Moss’s Lane
  • Bailey’s Avenue

Residents are asked to check the town’s Facebook page and web site for information updates. In addition, residents may phone the town’s emergency line at 635-2451.

If there is an evacuation order, the town will send people door-to-door to notify residents of the evacuation and provide details about where they will go.