Police in Corner Brook are issuing a warning over an online scam involving the sale of pure-bred puppies.

Earlier this week, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary received a complaint from an individual who says she spent approximately $6,600 to purchase a pug through a vendor she located on Facebook.

That vendor was claiming to be reputable breeder based in this province, however police investigators have yet to verify the actual whereabouts of the seller.

The client says she initially agreed to pay $1,000 for the pure-bred pug, but was later contacted by the vendor who claimed there were problems with shipping and insurance involved in the transaction; asking for thousands of dollars in additional fees the vendor said would be later reimbursed.


The client paid the required fee through an electronic money transfer, but never received the dog. The Facebook page has since been deleted.

Police are advising residents to be mindful of online sales of animals and other items, and suggest conducting significant research before committing to such purchases.