Corner Brook Mayor Jim Parsons declared a state of emergency Saturday as heavy rain caused significant flooding throughout western Newfoundland.

Parsons declared the state of emergency because of heavy rainfall and snow melting, infrastructure damage, and an overwhelmed municipal drainage system.

•   Activation of the City of Corner Brook emergency response plan is in place.
•   The City fire-protection backup plan is in place.

“We are dealing with a very severe rainfall event,” Parsons said Mayor in a statement. “All available personnel are working to try and mitigate further damage. For the time being, we ask residents to stay off the streets in affected areas, if possible and stay safe.”


The city is asking residents to consider safety during this time.

•   Stay off the roads and sidewalks
•   Stay away from all Brooks and Streams as all of them are running fast and are a safety concern
•   All riverbanks may be unstable, please avoid being near them
•   Stay safely inside: ask family members and pets to stay away from rushing street water and main street bridge
•   Contact 9-1-1 in an emergency
•   Only contact the 24/7 Customer Service Line: 709-637-1666 to relay urgent information

Highway access into and out of the city is currently suspended due to infrastructure damage. Effective immediately, the City of Corner Brook is advising residents and businesses that emergency road closures are in effect until further notice.  The road closures are necessary due to flooding and road maintenance and to make repairs to the water distribution system.

Roads affected:

•   O’Connell Drive will be closed to through traffic from the intersection of Country Road to the intersection of Walbourne’s Road
•   Philip Drive will be closed to through traffic from the intersection of Elizabeth Street to the intersection of Gushue Place
•   Elizabeth Street will be closed to through traffic from the intersection of Beothuck Crescent to the intersection of Grenfell Drive
•   Elizabeth Street will be closed to through traffic from the intersection of Union Street to the intersection of Charles Street
•   Main Street Bridge is closed
•   Woodbine Ave is closed
•   Maple Valley Road is closed
•   Porters Lane is closed
•   Boones Road is closed

Residents can call the City of Corner Brook’s Water Information Line at 634-7711 or visit the City’s official website,, at any time to view current boil water advisories, water outages and road closures.

Elsewhere on Saturday, police advised drivers that there has been a washout on the Trans-Canada Highway, which has east and westbound traffic completely stopped in the Strawberry Hill area just past Little Rapids. Damage is being assessed and necessary repairs will be made. Drivers can expect delays while emergency crews and the Department of Transportation work in the area.

The Town of Humber Arm South has also declared a state of emergency.

A home in Benoit’s Cove was almost half submerged in water and residents of Bay of Islands were scrambling to minimize damage to their properties.

A landslide near Woody Point caused a power outage this morning. Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro was able to restore power.