NTV News has learned details of the complaint filed by Liberal MHA Colin Holloway against former cabinet ministers Eddie Joyce and Dale Kirby.

Holloway alleges he faced “bullying and intimidation” when he refused to sign a Liberal caucus letter supporting proposed changes to the MHA pension plan. He also alleges that Eddie Joyce, in a number of instances, would simply tell him to “F@#$ off” when Holloway approached him with issues in his district.

Holloway also alleges he faced pressure not to support Pam Parsons in the election for speaker last year after Premier Dwight Ball had endorsed Perry Trimper. Holloway says Kirby sent a message warning that a victory by Parsons could be interpreted as an embarassing loss of confidence for the premier and lead to an election.

Holloway further alleges that he was isolated in his role as a parliamentary secretary and pushed to the very back bench in the corner of the House after these incidents.


Holloway spoke to reporters about his complaint on Thursday afternoon.