Former premier Clyde Wells remembers John Crosbie as a towering figure in Newfoundland and Labrador politics.

Wells released a statement Saturday that reflected on a 54-year-relationship in which the two men were sometimes allies and other times opponents.

“I have enjoyed both the great good fortune and the major challenge of being extensively involved with John Crosbie in the public and political life of Newfoundland and Labrador at various times over the past 54 years.

“Throughout those years he has been a towering figure in the public life of the province and the nation. He has had a more extensive impact on the province than any other person with the exception of Joey Smallwood.


“In addition to his impressive intellect he had a prodigious drive for work. It always seemed to me that
the bigger the challenge the more anxious he was to tackle it. Working closely with him, as members of the Smallwood cabinet, was a great and experience.

“While I cannot forget the times of our substantial differences, my great memories of him are of those times when we were on the same team and working together.

“Eleanor and I express to Jane and all the members of the Crosbie family our most sincere condolences.”