There has been a major development in the investigation into the November murder of Joseph Hapgood on Bond Street.

Just over two months after Hapgood was killed outside an emergency shelter on Bond Street, police say they now know who is responsible for his death.

Cst. James Cadigan says the RNC has a suspect.


Police were called to Bond Street in downtown St. John’s early on the evening of Nov. 5, 2019. When they arrived, a 23-year-old man lay bleeding in the street, a gun and cell phone visible nearby on the ground. Paramedics worked to save the young man, who was later pronounced dead at hospital.

Police have not said how Hapgood died, but we do know it was a violent death. At the time, there were appeals from police for help, including calls for surveillance video from the area. Police say it is because people came forward that they were able to solve the killing.

However, Cst. Cadigan says the investigation remains active and police continue to look to the public for help. There is still much to be learned about what happened on Bond Street that night, including who was responsible. While police say they know who killed Joseph Hapgood, no one has been arrested in connection with his murder.

Police also believe the two parties were known to each other.