NTV News has learned the identity of the 38-year-old man whose body was found in the St. John’s harbour near Pier 16 Monday morning to be Kevin O’Brien.

O’Brien testified at the Anne Norris murder trial. He was with Norris when she tossed the hammer used to kill Marcel Reardon in the harbour.

O’Brien’s best friend, Sean Canning and his girlfriend Karen Noel, spoke with Kevin Sunday evening. Noel says Canning and O’Brien were best friends and even neighbors at one point. The two would panhandle together on Water Street.

Noel says O’Brien was homeless up until a year ago when he moved in next door to Canning. She also says O’Brien had issues with drugs and alcohol and was battling M.S.

When news about the Anne Norris appeal came out, O’Brien told Noel repeatedly he didn’t want to go through another trial after struggling through the first trial. O’Brien was friends with Reardon.

Noel says O’Brien rarely went anywhere without his prized possession, which included his laptop and PS4, They were found in his bag when the police discovered his body.

The investigation is ongoing.