It has taken five years, but today convicted serial rapist Sofyan Boalag was sentenced to an  indeterminate term of imprisonment.

One of his three victims said today that Boalag was a coward for doing what he did to them, and he never looked them in the eye or said he was sorry.

It was an emotional morning as Sofyan Boalag’s three victims listened as Chief Judge Pamela Goulding handed down her decision. A victim says that decision has restored her faith in the justice system. She said she came to court this morning expecting the worst, and cried as the judge handed down her sentence.

A publication ban protects the identity of his victims, the youngest of which was 15 when she assaulted. That assault changed her life. Twice she said she tried to kill herself and she dropped out of school. She has now turned her life around, is working and working on her second degree.

She did have some harsh words for how the justice system treated her, saying how victims are treated needs to change. However, she did have high praise for victim services.

Judge Goulding said that nothing less than declaring Boalog a dangerous offender would adequately protect the public from killing or injuring somebody else. Boalog has been in custody for more than four years. He will be moved to a federal facility to serve his sentence. He has also been placed on the sex offenders registry for life.