A Supreme Court judge rejected a guilty plea for attempted murder for the second day in a row on Tuesday.

Jason King of Spaniard’s Bay has tried to plead guilty twice for his alleged role in a stabbing at the Bay Roberts Dollarama last year. For the second straight day, King told the judge that he was willing to accept the consequences for his actions. But for the second straight day, the judge rejected the plea.

“I have no faith in the justice system. I will be representing myself,” said King, who has fired three lawyers in 15 months. “I’m pleading guilty today because I want this matter resolved and finished. It’s not a matter of guilt, it’s a matter of getting on with my life the best way I can.”

King told the court he was frustrated with the amount of time it has taken him to get legal aid and the lack of attention those lawyers have given him and his case.

“I’ve already been convicted by the media and public,” said King. “I know the Crown wants 10 years, so I’m willing to accept that.”

Justice Donald Burrage interrupted King while he gave his account of the alleged stabbing. At one point, King said he had no intention of killing his alleged victim that day.

Justice Burrage was hesitant to proceed and refused to accept the plea, continuously reminding King of the serious nature of the attempted murder charge and asking him reconsider his choice.

“You have to know what you’re pleading guilty to. All the facts,” Burrage said. “The court has the duty of insuring justice. I can’t accept your guilty plea.”

The judge ordered King back into custody to reconsider his options.

The matter will be recalled in August. If King wishes to be represented, a lawyer will be in attendance. If he wishes to represent himself and plead guilty, the Crown will have an agreed statement of facts for King to review.