Bern Coffey has resigned as Clerk of the Executive Council.

The premier’s office announced Sunday evening it had accepted Coffey’s resignation from his post as head of the public service. Coffey was embroiled in controversy because he is still working as a private lawyer and is involved in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against Nalcor, which is owned by the provincial government.

The opposition parties argued it is not appropriate for Coffey to run the public service and sue a government-owned corporation at the same time.

Premier Dwight Ball will speak to the media about the resignation on Monday. The premier’s office later released a copy of Coffey’s employment contract. It can be found at

In the contract, Coffey declared that he is not in a conflict of interest, but there is no specific section governing his legal work.

The contract also sets out what Coffey is owed in the event that he resigns.