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Man dies in St. John’s fire

One man is dead after an early morning fire broke out in a centre city home Saturday morning. Police are investigating what happened here on...

Mistaken Point named UNESCO World Heritage Site

This morning Mistaken Point on the Avalon peninsula became the fourth place in the province named a UNSECO world heritage site. Known for its...

New passing lanes on Trans Canada Highway

It's one of the busiest stretches on the Trans Canada Highway in the province. Nestled between the wilderness of Terra Nova Park, the 42...

Newfoundlander a major player with World Health Organization

Diseases today spread further and faster than ever before. Because of the fact that we are indeed becoming a global village, the World Health...

Anglicans to allow same-sex marriage after vote recount

It's been remarkable couple of days for the Anglican Church of Canada, first voting to disallow same sex marriages, then realizing it was all...

City councillor wants review of fatal dog attack

NTV News has learned the pit bull involved in last week’s horrific attack on a beagle has been euthanized. Meanwhile, one St. John’s city...