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AG cites lack of government control over its firearms and ammunition

There are almost two dozen firearms missing or unaccounted for in the Department of Lands and Fisheries Resources. An investigation by the Auditor General...

New program showing signs of success

A new provincially-funded program designed to address potential employment shortages in a number of targeted labor markets is already showing signs of success –...

Women in this province earn 66 cents on the male dollar for work of...

It’s pay equity day in the province as women’s groups demand that women earn an equal wage for equal work.

Central Health responds to concerns over specialists leaving Gander hospital

Following a string of resignations at the James Paton Health Centre in Gander, Central Health’s VP of Medical Services says the situation is a...

City water main break could have major impact on city neighborhood

It wasn't Mother Nature to blame, but the mess is huge and the clean-up could take weeks. A water main broke this morning in...

Coast guard breaks the ice on the latest conditions

It's the time of the year when ice hugs our coastline. Last year,  it cut off fisheries, damaged boats, stalled travellers and stopped freight...