Toni-Marie Wiseman


Salmon licences will be available starting Monday, fisheries minister says

Salmon Anglers across the province have been waiting a long time to drop their lines. If all goes well, they'll get the chance as...

Province taken by surprise by new salmon rules

Fisheries Minister Gerry Byrne is not happy with new salmon angling rules announced by the federal government. Ottawa has set a catch limit of...

House unanimously approves Cathy Bennett’s motion against workplace harassment

The House of Assembly unanimously approved a motion Wednesday calling for the government to protect women in all workplaces from harassment. Liberal MHA Cathy...

Private studio owners upset by MusicNL studio partnership

A controversy is brewing over a partnership between MusicNL and CBC to reopen Studio F. The deal was recently applauded by the provincial government,...

Protecting yourself from the mumps

It was once a relatively common childhood infection, but since routine vaccinations began, the mumps have become relatively rare in Canada. But the virus...

Bad weather stops Marine Atlantic ferry runs ahead of Christmas

Marine Atlantic was forced to cancel ferry runs to North Sydney again on Thursday. Weather has wreaked havoc on the service lately, and that...